Kangchenjunga – Darjeeling

Third highest mountain in the world is Kangchenjunga with an elevation of 8586 m in a section of Himalayas called Kangchenjunga Himal. Meaning of the ’Kangchenjunga’ is ‘Five Treasures of Snows’ as it contains five peaks and four of them are over 8450 m. two of the five peaks are in Taplejunga District, Nepal and other three peaks  main, central and south are on border of North Sikkim and Nepal.  kangchenjunga is located on the boundary between Nepal and Sikkim. It is also called Sewal Ungma in the local Limbu language.


It is one of the famous attractions among tourist and is situated in Darjeeling. Kangchenjunga was assumed to be the highest mountain in the world till 1852, but based on measurements made by Great Trigonometric Survey of India in 1849 came on conclusion that Mount Everest was the highest. In 1856 it was officially announced that Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain.


It was first climbed on 25 may 1955 by British peoples Joe Brown and George Band. They stopped of the summit as per promise given to Maharaja of Sikkim that the top of mountain would remain inviolate.


Kangchenjunga is the official spelling accepted by Douglas Freshfield, A. M. Kellas and the Royal Geographical society that indicates the Tibetan Pronunciation. There is various alternative spelling which includes Kangchen Dzonga, Khangchendzonga, Kanchenjanga, etc but the final selected word is Kangchenjunga came from his Highness Sir Tashi Namgyal, the Maharaja or Chogyal of Sikkim.


Most famous views are from the hill station of Darjeeling. Darjeeling War Memorial is the most visited places from where Kangchenjunga is observed.  Sikkim people admire Kangchenjunga as a sacred mountain. Goecha La trek is achieving popularity amongst tourists.

Kangchenjunga is arraying from just a few hundred meters beyond sea point among some of the greatest peaks of the Himalaya and is the small state of Sikkim hiving amazing diverse landscape. This trek exceeds through heavily forested small valley and tea estates to hilly grasslands below Kangchenjunga.  In this total 23 days trekking tour the visitors fly from Delhi to Sikkim.

In reality, rock and ice falls more often thunder this apparently serene mount. There are not any direct routes to the mount. One has to try various indirect routes, possibly starting by ascending any one of five peaks, then finding any place for camping, attempting the summit.  The trekkers return to their home with unforgettable moment of their trekking.


Along with Kanchanganga, many other tourist spots are also there in and nearby Darjeeling, so it ultimately leads to increase the demand for best ‘4 Star Hotels in Darjeeling’.


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