Do’s and Don’ts At Sikkim

Don’t get too close to waterfalls!!

You can find numerous waterfalls while visiting hills. At such places, people get tempted to get themselves photographed at the bottom of the waterfalls. But this may be very dangerous as the floor is very slippery, you might fall down and get injured besides getting photographed. This happened mostly in any of the waterfalls at Sikkim.


Give a full concentration at the roads of North Sikkim:

The roads in north Sikkim are very curvy, and in a bad shape. It requires a regular and immediate concentration. Along with heavy rainfall, all landslides prone are major causes of bad roads in high altitude. Light snowfall makes these roads very slippery. Due to such a condition of roads we must be careful at the time of travelling, but don’t need to get worried, because much of the drivers are expert in driving on such roads. Travellers must avoid travelling to north Sikkim during monsoon season, because monsoon sets early in the hills.


Dangerous Roads:

Constant melting of ice affect badly on the roads, due to this, the present condition of roads is very bad. Even at the start of journey you can face road blocks due to huge chunk of rock fell on the road.


One needs to take special permissions:

Sikkim has various beautiful spots for travellers, which lies at the foot of Himalayas. This little state Sikkim is very close to Tibet, and China, due to which one has to strictly get a special permission for the visit to Sikkim, and also for trekking in ice. At max one can get a permit of 15 days, but at special conditions one can get few more permitted days for stay. Though we get permission for travelling in this state, some of the beautiful areas in Sikkim like number of monasteries, and the nature at its best to be seen there are prohibited.



Landslides are one of the common things in hilly areas, especially those places where snow melts and water seep into the areas. This feature of Sikkim attracts numerous travelers. These entire things will be provide you in “Sikkim Holiday Packages”.



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